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Comparison of NZ Pet Insurances

When you suddenly find your treasured family pet or horse, sick or injured, the last thing you want to worry about is an expensive bill from your vet. More and more people in New Zealand realise the benefits that pet insurance has to offer. Accordingly the number of pet insurances has recently increased and there are now four dedicated pet insurances to choose from (Pet Plan, Ellenco, Pet-n-sure and Pet Protect).  We have compared the main features and compiled a table to make it easier for you to compare and choose a plan and hope you find this a valuable resource.

Premium Cats / month
Premium Dogs / month
Select Breeds / month
Max. Annual Payout Annual Excess/per


Pet Protect
Value $15.25 $231.00
$1500 30%+ $50, $80 for select-breeds
Regular $22.75
$3000 25%+ $50, $80 for select breeds
Extra $29.50 $45.00 $55.50 $ 6000 20%+ $50
Pet n Sur
Silver $25.13 $31.75 $41.60

$2500 surgery,

$1500 medicine

Gold $27.64 $37.24 $51.06

$ 4000 surgery,

$3000 medicine

Platinum $39.17 $46.82 $58.75

$ 6000 surgery,

$3000 medicine

Base $15.18 $22.56 $26.63 $ 4000 30%
Ultra $21.98 $32.05 $35.32 $ 6000 20%
Premier $26.07 $37.21 40.63 $ 9000 15%
Pet Plan
Budget $19.60 $34.95 No extra cost! $ 8000 $ 100 once
Standard $20.70 $39.15 No extra cost! $ 9000 $ 100 once
Supreme $25.20 $44.50 No extra cost! $ 12000 $ 100 once

Beware of the small print!!!

1.)    Ongoing illnesses: Pet Protect only covers for 6 months while Ellenco only pays out a very limited amount ($ 250/$500/or$700), depending on the plan
2.)     Special surgical problems and cancer:  Pet Plan is the only insurance to pay out the full annual allowance. All other insurances pay only a limited amount.
a.    Cruciate ligament surgery ->only Pet Plan pays out full amount
b.    Dentistry: Again Petplan pays out where the others don’t (the other insurance only pay for accidents, not for tooth root infection etc.
c.    Patella surgery (kneecap) and Cancer treatment -> only Pet Plan and Pet Protect pay full amount
d.    Blockages  -> apart from Petnsure all other insurance pay for this
condition in full
e.     Inherited conditions – Ellenco requires an extra premium to be paid for these     conditions to be covered
1.)    Excess:
i.    Minimum excess: Pet Plan makes it easy and charges a standard one-off excess of $ 100/annum and condition. So once the animal is insured, the cost per problem is limited to $ 100 per year. This is by far the cheapest excess for the larger vet bills. Pet Protect charges $ 50 on top of the percentage excess, therefore charging the highest excess
ii.    Percentage excess: all other insurances charge the excess as a percentage (between 15% and 30%). So if the total bill is $ 2000, the excess is between $ 300 and $ 600
iii.    Age excess: There is no age excess with Ellenco, but Pet Protect and Petnsure  will raise the excess by an additional 15% once the animal has reached the age of 10 years, Pet Plan even by 25 %

1.)    Select Breeds: Pet Plan stands out as the select breeds cost the same as any other dog or cat.  However the age excess with Pet Plan for select breeds which kicks in at 7 years of age, rather than at 10 years for the ‘normal’ breeds or cross breeds
2.)    Free Puppy Insurance:
a.    Ellenco provides free, no obligation puppy insurance. You will receive a phone call at the end of the free period to ask you to take out a policy
b.    Pet Plan also provides 4 weeks free insurance cover, however you have to sign up with Pet Plan first.
6.)  Lost pets – Pet Plan will also contribute towards the cost of finding a lost pet or will pay     replacement costs if a pet dies due to an injury if you are on the standard or supreme plans.


Pet Plan seems to provide the best value for money. There is a standard excess of
$ 100 rather than a percentage and select-breeds don’t cost extra. The maximum annual payout is around double of that of the other insurances. For all of this, the insurance premium is only slightly more expensive than the others.

2.) The cheapest plans for cats and dogs are provided by Ellenco


We have done our best to give you a good overview of all pet insurances available. However, we strongly recommend that you ring the insurance company and verify the above before taking out a policy as plans are subject to change.  At Mobile Vet and Mount Vet Hospital, we do not receive any commission of any insurance company.

Last updated October 2011